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  • Why we changed our logo

    allreps logoAllReptiles-Logo-BG

    In 2008, a few friends and I got together and combined our skills to create the All Reptiles brand. At that time, Ontario was in perilous economic times as we hit the biggest financial crisis the province had seen in a long time. We did not know if we would succeed, in fact, it was highly unlikely that we would go very far. Nonetheless, we were determined, hardworking, and above all very dedicated.

    The idea of the old logo came together very quickly with the mindset that we wanted a name that encompassed all species of reptiles and an image that reflected the stereotypical rebel demeanor of a reptile lover. At that time, it meant dissidence and attitude -  an urge to display an unorthodox hobby and to be a force to be reckoned with. Thus, was born the cobra head logo and the name All Reptiles.

    At the time, we had loved the idea and in the last 8 years we have strongly built a synonymous relationship with that logo. Our loyal customers have grown to love that logo with us. But as time would have it, All Reptiles has evolved into something else and I made the decision to change the logo to be reflective of who we are today and who we will continue to be.

    After much consideration and with the help of a brilliant design team, we now have unveiled our new logo with new meaning. I kept the name, All Reptiles, as we truly are lovers and procurers of ALL REPTILES. The circular frame remains as that represents an all-encompassing realm of reptiles and reptile products, but we bid farewell to the venomous cobra head. If you really think about it, we do not sell any venomous snakes here other than some inconspicuous rear fanged species. So why is our logo a cobra head? Don’t forget, we also sell much more than just snakes. We changed the blue to other colours because we felt that blue was depictive of aquarium fish. When people see blue in a pet store, they automatically refer to fish. We also moved the words All Reptiles from the bottom of the logo to the top of the logo for much better visibility.

    Lastly, we now fall upon the actual image of the new logo. What is it? What does this new circular pattern represent? What does it mean? We took images of quite literally all reptiles and AllReptiles-Logo-EYEbundled them all together into a brainstorm… hours of fidgeting later… was born the idea of an abstract reptile eye.

    I want to take this moment to once again, thank my brilliant design team on all their hard work with me to come up with this new logo. I can’t thank you enough, you know who you are!

    We took the circle and broke it up into even more circles! Although not all reptile eyes are identical, they do share a similar shape and pattern.  Now, when I look at my new logo, I truly see ALL REPTILES in it. I am very proud and very happy to say that the All Reptiles brand has evolved into something that is truly representative of the reptile world.

    With the final draft of the All Reptiles logo, we further took the geometric abstract idea and ran with it! And guess what else we got? My new geometric icons that represent all categories of animals and services that we offer.  I absolutely love them!

    Supplies Services Reptiles AmphibiansKarens-Corner Invertabrates Feeders

    And there you have it… our new logo is warm and welcoming instead of dissident and intimidating, the name is easier to see from afar being on top, the colours are congruous with reptiles rather than fish, and the abstract eye personifies truly, ALL REPTILES.

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