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  • RIP Beloved Chubbs

    There are many distinguishable things that make All Reptiles who we are. As with any small business, it is the people that work here and our relationship with our customers that truly differentiates us from other pet stores. Among the amazing dedication of our employees is also our several, not for sale, 4 legged and no legged friends that over the years have developed their own relationships with our customers.

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  • Reptiles: From niche to mainstream

    It wasn’t so long ago that shopping for a pet reptile meant going to the local cat and dog store and having to choose from a tiny little corner section of unimpressive small lizards and snakes. The options were few and the knowledge of reptile care was even more limited.

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  • Dealing with live feed

    I have realized that there are a lot of people that love reptiles or want to try keeping one but become reluctant because they have a hard time dealing with the food. Unlike most other pets, many reptiles require live insect or rodent feed and often this becomes a deterrent to own one.

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