Thank you so much for visiting out website! You, as a person that is considering our animals, products, and brand, means more to us than you realize. There are a few things you should know as your browse our website!

1. If there are improvements that you think we should change please go to the Contact Us link and let us know!

2. Our website is updated all the time usually at least once per week, if not more, but there may be up to a 48HR delay in individual animals that might have been sold.

3. All of our photos are of the exact animal for sale unless otherwise stated in the description

4. Anything with a red *NEW* sticker attached to the corner of the image means it was uploaded in the last 30 days, this sticker auto removes after 30 days.

5. Please remember to input your postal code when you send in the inquiry for a live animal ship quote

6. Although we usually respond to inquiries and ship quotes within 24hrs, sometimes it could take us up to 3 days and rural areas that require unique shipping may take us up to 5 days to respond in detail but rest assured we will always respond! Inquiries that come in on weekends tend to take an extra day or two to respond. Please be patient with us as we work through our many inquiries!

7. Lastly, please know that we care very much about the animals we sell and we reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal if we see necessary. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you receive a healthy animal but we also depend on you to know what you want and to have the right equipment ready. Please do not be shy to ask as many questions as you need.


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