RIP Beloved Chubbs

There are many distinguishable things that make All Reptiles who we are. As with any small business, it is the people that work here and our relationship with our customers that truly differentiates us from other pet stores. Among the amazing dedication of our employees is also our several, not for sale, 4 legged and no legged friends that over the years have developed their own relationships with our customers.

November 26, 2015 was a sad day for all of us here at All Reptiles and to many of our regular customers as one of these beloved friends passed away in his sleep. Chubbs, our well known Chinese Water Dragon was found yesterday morning passed away while still perched on his favourite basking spot under his light. Chubbs has been in our care for over 6 years and came to us already at 7 years old making him 13 years old at the time of death.

IMG_8551 The side door he escaped out of. His terrarium visible on the left.

Chubbs lived an amazing life and was very well loved in the shop, he had many friends here and people constantly asked to see him when visiting the shop. He has gone to many reptile parties teaching children and adults about reptiles at over 20 different schools across Toronto and even more birthday home parties. His life was full of adventure! Let’s not forget the time 3 years ago when we were in shambles because Chubbs was missing and we thought someone had stolen him but in fact, he had ventured out the side door on his own and disappeared into the bushes and trees across the parking lot of All Reptiles. For 10 days he was gone and then one busy afternoon, just as we were telling a customer about the loss of Chubbs, he was spotted basking on the street in the middle of Kennedy Road! How fast did we run out there to grab him off the road! And what a relief it was to have him back safe and sound. That taught us a lesson to never let him free roam the shop on his own for too long ever again!

Middle of Kennedy Road Middle of Kennedy Road

We love you Chubbs and we will all miss you! We are very happy and fortunate to have had the last 6 years with you and to be able to share you with the love of the reptile community in Toronto.

IMG_8564 Chubb's terrarium left just the way he liked it. Was found perched just under that light.
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