All of our superworms are cared for on a daily basis. Please see Terms for our guarantees and conditions.

Superworms are a staple diet for most insectivores as well as omnivores and carnivores. Superworms and jumbo mealworms are not the same species. We do not carry jumbo mealworms. Superworms are the lavae of the darkling beetle and make a very nutritous meal for your reptile. They are accepted by lizards, turtles, large frogs, large slamanders, birds, koi fish, arowana fish, and piranhas. Keep your superworms at room temperature or slightly below room temperature and feed fruits, veggies, grains or All Reptiles Gutload. They will keep for a long time! To prevent from beetling, keep them all together. Do not put superworms in the fridge!  

We do not recommend superworms as feed for any reptiles that are still in juvenile stages. The chitin on the exoskeleton of superworms may be difficult to digest in younger reptiles. When feeding superworms, be sure that your pet is mature enough to chew the superworms appropriately before swallowing. Young ones sometimes will get too excited and forget to chew before they swallow. 

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