Silk Worms


All of our silk worms are cared for on a daily basis while in the shop.

Silkworms are the larva of the domesticated silk moth and are extremely delicate.They are very high in calcium and protein and low in fat. They are also a soft bodied worm which makes them a delectable meal that goes down easy for your reptile!

It is not east keeping silk worms as they are extremely susceptible to their environments and eat exclusively mulberry leaves or mulberry mash. To keep silk worms, you must keep them elevated, warm, and dry and they must eat! Cardboard egg cartons will do very well to elevate them. Do not put them directly on plastic!

When purchasing silk worms from All Reptiles, they will come in a plastic bag with a paper towel on the inside. They will survive in the bag for several hours as long as temperatures remain moderate and the bag is handled carefully.

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