Live African Soft Fur Rats


We carry African Soft Fur rats in 5 sizes in live. When choosing the appropriate sized rat for your snake, the rat should be equal to or slightly larger than the thickest girth of your snake. Never gauge the size of the meal by the size of the snake's head. For lizards, the appropriate sized rodent will be equal to or smaller than the size of the mouth. Remember that all reptiles will eat their rodents whole!

All of our rodents are fed high quality Mazuri Rodent Chow and housed in the best sanitary conditions.

The African Soft Fur Rat is a unique little rodent that gets to about the size of an adult gerbil, bigger than a mouse but much smaller than a regular rat. They are virtually odourless to keep but move a lot quicker than regular rats and they startle easily. They must be handled carefully as their cute little faces are deceiving. 

ASFs are commonly used to feed ball pythons that have a difficult time eating regular rats.

ASF Pinkie $1.39
ASF Fuzzie $1.99
ASF Small $2.69
ASF Medium $3.99
ASF Large $4.99


BEEDER DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR LIVE. Please email for details. Minimum bi weekly orders required. 

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Price From: $1.39

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