Provent-A-Mite is a strong mite eradication formula for use to treat reptile mites.

Mites are an ectoparasite that prey on the blood of reptiles but most commonly found on snakes. They are not fatal to the animal if found in small numbers but nevertheless must be treated and eradicated to prevent the numbers from spreading. Reptiles mites are highly contagious to other reptiles but not to humans or other mammal pets.

There are many methods of eradication all with debatable effectiveness versus toxicity of the product being used. PAM is one of the stronger substances that must be used with care. It is most commonly used by people with large collections of snakes that need to treat the racking systems and bins. It can, ofcourse, also be used on smaller scales. 

Please see below in Care Sheet for use directions. 

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  1. PAM can not be sprayed directly on animal and avoid breathing in the formula as you use it.
  2. Remove animal and water dish away from enclosure.
  3. Spray PAM liberally all over the enclosure and surrounding area
  4. Let the PAM dry before placing animal back
  5. It is recommened that you rinse the animal with warm tap water before placing back into the enclosure.
  6. PAM residue will remain effective for up to one month without retreatment. If mites are still visible after one month, then repeat process until mites are gone.  
  7. All infested animals must be kept in quarantine until mites are gone. 

If these directions are followed then the mites will be gone assuming that you do not come in contact with other reptiles that are also infected. Mites will travel on clothes, furniture, carpet, etc... the same as bed bugs, lice or fleas do. It is very important to be thorough! Always rememeber to fully inspect your animal at the time of purchase whether you are buying from a petstore, a friend, an expo, or a stranger on the Internet. 

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