American Giant Millipede - Large

These milipedes are a large millipede of eastern North America. Much like most species of isopods, they are detritivores, primarily consuming decaying wood and leaf litter. They have also been found to feed on some food composts as well. We do offer them eggshells here at All Reptiles to contribute to their calcium intake. 

These milipedes can can typically be safely handled by humans ubt when handled too agressively, they may release an odour from their osopores.  

It is very important to keep this species slightly damp but not wet. Their cuticle is somewhat water-permeable, so they seek out damp or humid environments and have exhibited specific behaviors in response to desiccation stress. If exposed to a dry or actively desiccating environment they will first expend energy trying to find a more favorable environment, and if this fails they reflexively curl into the typical defensive position. This position closes spiracles located at the base of legs, preventing further water loss. Moisture-rich food is necessary for complete recovery to a fully-hydrated state. 

SMALL SIZE: Approximately 4"

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Latin Name Narceus americanus
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