Homemade Cricket Gut Load

For healthy insectivorous reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates it is essential to feed the bugs that will be fed to your critters. 

Reptiles in their wild habitat have access to a variety of food sources such as flies, worms, locusts, small mice, small lizards, scorpions, and a multitude of other living organisms it may come across during its outdoor life.  This provides a balance.  In captivity, we tend to rely too heavily on one type of insect to feed our domestic reptiles.  In most cases, it is most convenient to use crickets as the primary feeder.  Crickets are high in phosphorous, but do not contain a sufficient amount of calcium without being gut loaded on high calcium feed or dusted in a calcium supplement powder (prior to being eaten by our pets).  This is why it is so important to gut load our crickets!

This gutload is a high protein, high calcium, high fibre homemade recipe with zero addititves. It can be safely stored in a cool dry place for a long time without going bad. There is no moisture added to prolong the longevity of the gutload so it is best used with Cricket Water, sold separately!

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