Exo Terra UVB Fixture Mounting Bracket

The Exo Terra Adhesive Support Base is a self-adhesive support base for the Exo Terra Turtle UVB Fixture. Please follow the installation instructions thoroughly to ensure optimal safety and working.


  1. Clean the outside surface of the terrarium glass.
  2. With the protective backing still intact, place the Adhesive Support Base on the back or the side of the terrarium to determine its final position.
  3. Mark the position with a wax pencil or other marker.
  4. Remove the protective backing and carefully fit the Adhesive Support Base within the marked area.
  5. Make sure the tape is pressed evenly against the terrarium glass and that no air bubbles are showing.
  6. Press the adhesive part firmly against the glass panel for at least 30 seconds.
  7. Wait a few moments and make sure the tape is attached firmly to the terrarium before suspending the fixture.

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