CB Super Tigerleg Monkey Tree Frog

Any type of Waxy Frogs is well known for their wax secreting glands on their back elbows and rump. This wax is secreted then rubbed all over the body, sealing in moisture and allowing these tree frogs to take advantage of drier conditions that most other tree frogs can not withstand. This species is very similar to the Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis (the Tiger Leg Monkey Frog) which we have had many in the past, except this species will grow to be larger. They have stunning orange striped coloration on its side that can be seen when they move and they have the funny ability to "walk" instead of jumping around. This species requires a basking light and spot which is unusual for frogs. Make sure you provide one for them!

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SKU supertigerleg-monkey
Can Be Shipped Yes
Latin Name Phyllomedusa tomopterna
Sex N/A
Age Juvenile
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